Kory's Blog (English)

Gedankenfutter 5/2023. Food for thought 5/2023. "Land acknowledgements".
Kory's Blog (English) · 10. Juni 2023
Gedankfutter: #Kollektive Traumaheilung in Babyschritten. // Food for thought: #Collective trauma healing in baby steps.

Food for thought 4/2023: The uncomfortable look in the mirror. Of narcissists and complex shadow work. A personal angle on Night Dance topics.
Kory's Blog (English) · 26. März 2023
Malignent narcissists, the importance of shadow work, the roles of victims and perpetrators: A personal angle on three Night Dance topics.

Food for thought 3/2023: Sisterhood vs Sister Wounds
Kory's Blog (English) · 10. März 2023
True Sisterhood vs "Bathing Mermaid Circles". Reflections on the sister wound.

Food for thought 2/2023: The Witch is Waking (Rewriting Collective Female Trauma, Part 1)
Kory's Blog (English) · 11. Februar 2023
A post I shared with two groups on Facebook. It includes a short excerpt from a masterpiece by Lisa Lister: Witch. Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic. (Hay House, 2017) A book, which deeply called to me (again!) after spotting online pictures of a young woman wearing a hoodie imprinted with the words: "We are the granddaughters of the witches that you could not burn."

Food for thought 1/2023: Building Bridges Instead of Walls
Kory's Blog (English) · 09. Februar 2023
If you are anything like me (i.e. politically left leaning and deeply annoying to anyone from the right but a true advocate of free speech and fascinated by Jungian shadow work) it might be as vital for you as it is for me to regularly step outside of your own comfort zone and echo chamber.


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