Food for thought 1/2023: Building Bridges Instead of Walls

If you are anything like me (i.e. politically left leaning and deeply annoying to anyone from the right but a true advocate of free speech and fascinated by Jungian shadow work) it might be as vital for you as it is for me to regularly step outside of your own comfort zone and echo chamber. 


Each individual has shadow sides and blind spots that are deeply uncomfortable to them and that WE ALL are reluctant or simply incapable of seeing and acknowledging in ourselves.


Political or social movements, political leaders and parties of all stripes and colours are no exception to this rule.


I recently listened to podcast interviews with Marianne Williamson and Mark Gober, who both do a fine job looking at these unwelcomed blind spots of the political left despite - at least in the case of Williamson - being liberal and progressive herself. Where to pin down Mark Gober on the political spectrum I am still unsure of. So far it looks to me as if his brilliant mind is simply following a trail of evidence and facts – no matter the topic.


If you are a truth seeker like myself, you MUST dare to carefully look at the (political and spiritual) stuff that rattles you to your core with an open heart and mind.


Seeking truth is, I have found, a seemingly endless, unbelievably fascinating, and deeply uncomfortable journey.


Or MAYBE, just maybe, it is a very simple one? Amir Zoghi recently posted this nugget of wisdom on Instagram:


“Love is all there is. All else is your judgment of what is.”





© Kory Wynykom, 2023




Links to more Food for Thought: An interview with Marianne Williamson, an interview with Mark Gober; Mark Gober’s Upside Down Book Series on Amazon; Why free speech matters (Mark Groves' Podcast with Greg Lukianoff).



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